Efficient & Cost-Effective

At DRYBOAT®, we understand that nobody likes surprises. That’s why we take the time to thoroughly assess and pinpoint areas with elevated moisture levels using state-of-the-art equipment before we even begin the drying process.

This careful evaluation allows us to provide you with an accurate quote, eliminating any uncertainty. Once the drying process is set up and running, it operates 24/7, ensuring we stay on schedule and within budget.


Our process specifically targets high-moisture areas without causing extensive damage.

For example, while conventional methods might require removing and replacing 140 square feet of material on a yacht, the DRYBOAT® system needs only about 0.40 square feet of access area.

This approach not only preserves the structural integrity and strength of your boat but also eliminates the risk of decreasing its resale value by maintaining the original OEM mold shape.


The DRYBOAT® process eliminates the need for extensive removal and reinstallation of components, significantly reducing labor costs.

Our system allows us to access and dry wet areas in ways that other systems cannot. By drying from the inside, we avoid impacting any exterior surfaces, thereby eliminating additional finishing costs.


We’re ready to show how the DRYBOAT process can get you there quicker.