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With our patented system, we drill holes into the affected areas and allow extremely dry air into those areas and the drying process begins! After a week or two, we will readjust the equipment to begin targeting areas that may not be drying as well as others. As areas become dry we begin to fill the drilled areas with epoxy and or structural marine foam. Depending on your restoration, we help you determine the best solution for your vessel.

Typically, we are about HALF the cost of your lowest estimate, compared to the conventional method to cut out and replace.

On average, our restoration process takes approximately 5 weeks, depending on the size of the area and the severity of the problem.

14 + years, thousands of applications and our 7th generation improving.

Wet, rot and de-lamination are all different issues… case by case, but historically 30% – 60% saw no loss of value.

The holes are filled with an epoxy or marine grade structural foam.

This is a restoration process so there is no loss to the structural integrity of the vessel.

Our units are mobile and can be set up anywhere in the world!

No, we do not need a survey but it does help. What we need is accurate numbers from a moisture meter and the boat properly “mapped out” so that we can see a trail of where the water intrusion started, and where it’s headed. This helps us in determining the severity of the problem.

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